Grenfell Support

14th July 2017
On 14th June a fire occurred on the 24 storey, 220 foot high tower block of public housing flats in London. With 34 confirmed deaths and the number expected to rise to around 80, as well as the life changing impact it has had on so many families, we talked a lot about the disaster in assemblies and classes at the time. Year 5 and 6 wrote letters to children in schools affected by the disaster and last week we received a reply to letters sent off by 5M. It read:
Dear children of Whytrig Middle School, Thank you very much for all of the lovely letters you kindly wrote for us. Today, before writing this, me and my class read all your letters along with a few from some other schools that also sent us some letters. It warmed my heart to know we are safe and well during this time. Thank you.
From Georgia, Year 6, Avondale Park Primary.
We are very proud of our caring children.