This information is given in line with the requirements of the Education Act, for parents of pupils who are expected to enter the school from within the catchment area, and also for parents who wish to know about the opportunities available at Whytrig Middle School. Information concerning the general arrangements in Northumberland is given separately in a County Education Booklet, copies of which are available for parents of pupils who are starting or transferring schools in September (details correct at the time of printing).

Parents resident outside the school's catchment area who wish their children to attend the school may submit an application by completing a School Preference Form (copies of which are available online at Northumberland County Council) and returning it to the Admissions Department, County Hall, Northumberland, NE61 2EF who will inform them whether a place is available at the school for their child. Our School Standard Number (the number of pupils we can take in each year group) is 54.

In year admissions are those that take place other than at the normal time of entry to the school. The admissions team co-ordinates the transfer process on behalf of schools in Northumberland, including academies, voluntary aided and trust. To transfer schools you must complete an 'In Year' Admission form which can be done online or by paper form (see below).

Click below to go to the Admissions pages at Northumberland County Council. Documentation and notes can be opened by clicking on the icons below.


In Year Admissions

You can complete the In Year Admission Form online by clicking on this link.